Dan and Danica: Married – Part 2

To see Part 1 of Dan and Danica’s wedding click here.


  • Tharcisia Jeyasegara said:

    Wish you all the best to Dan and Danica.

  • Katelin Enn said:

    These are absolutely fantastic - so many favourites!

  • Melissa Krahn said:

    Love the cowgirl boots! Also fantastic pictures.

  • Erin Nicole said:

    Danica, these photos are absolutely STUNNING! I will certainly be keeping your photographer in mind when a wedding is in my future :)

  • Heidi Franz said:

    Love how this wedding was so YOU Danica!!! Beautiful pics Krysten!!

  • Patricia Loewen Krobel said:

    Such great pictures, Danica! But was your mom hiding from the camera? Can't find her anywhere! :)

  • Kimberly Muehling said:

    wonderful couple and fantastic pictures!

  • Megan P. said:

    Love them (the pictures and the people in them)!

  • Rachael penner said:

    What a perfect day...and captured so perfectly on camera!!! Love you both!!!!

  • Melissa page said:

    Seriously gorgeous. Danica, you look absolutely amazing. I am so happy for you and Dan! Enjoy married life (and please have some babies soon ;) )

  • Ruth Krahn Friesen said:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful occasion!

  • Sandra Friesen said:

    Very beautiful and amazing memories for our family. Yes Trish, I was there, and enjoyed every minute of it. (I wasn't hiding from the camera, there was just a lot of fun the photographer needed to capture :).

  • Brooklyn Friesen said:

    My sister is the prettiest bride ever :) Working with Krysten was soo much fun!

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