Sophie & Zach: Engaged

I’ll be be honest, I always have a hard time writing these blog posts. I work with so many wonderful people which means I often feel like I’m repeating myself in trying to describe how wonderful they really are. In the end, I don’t think my words do anyone justice.

I’m featuring Sophie & Zach today, and rather than try to explain how amazing they were to work with (they really were), I’m going to try and let these images speak for themselves.

sophie&zachblog-1 sophie&zachblog-2 sophie&zachblog2-2sophie&zachblog-3  sophie&zachblog2-3sophie&zachblog-5 sophie&zachblog-6 sophie&zachblog-7 sophie&zachblog-8 sophie&zachblog-9 sophie&zachblog-10 sophie&zachblog-11 sophie&zachblog2-9sophie&zachblog2-6sophie&zachblog-12 sophie&zachblog2-7sophie&zachblog-13 sophie&zachblog-14 sophie&zachblog-15 sophie&zachblog-16 sophie&zachblog2-15sophie&zachblog-17        sophie&zachblog2-11 sophie&zachblog2-12 sophie&zachblog2-13

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